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Team Kayaking Adventure

 Live Our Dream & Share Our Passion


WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (WSIMS) is a non-profit organization and a volunteer-based group. At WSIMS our mission is to build happier families, healthier communities and foster intercultural harmony through quality service delivery.


To fully meet our mission and goals, the WSIMS Board actively participate in the planning process. Over the past 10 years it has been providing immigrant and refugee settlement services including language and computer training, and intercultural services including planning, organizing and hosting hundreds and thousands cross-cultural events, workshops, seminars, conferences, book launches, Discover World Culture series and more to create awareness, understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, to build happier families, healthier communities and to foster intercultural harmony.



-This is your home away from home

-A big family extend from your own family

-A place you get support

-A platform you connect with people

-A workshop you can explore world culture

-A classroom you can appreciate literature and art

-A factory for you to laugh and learn

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